Environmental Law

Practicing Attorneys:

Jeffrey S. Theuer
McKenna S. Rivers

In recent years, the firm’s practice has grown rapidly in the area of environmental and land use law. The firm represents numerous business and industrial interests in complex environmental cases throughout the United States.  Development projects, whether industrial, commercial or residential, have become increasingly regulated; federal, state, and local approvals and permits are required to comply with subdivision, zoning, wetlands, hazardous waste laws, and regulations.  Because of the firm’s long-standing expertise in real estate development, regulatory law, and oil and gas law, our clients have looked to us for advice in this rapidly-emerging area.

Our broad experience in land use and environmental law include the following:

  • Obtaining permitting from local, state, and federal agencies
  • Advising in connection with obtaining local, state, federal, and international permits, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations for construction and operation of industrial facilities
  • Preparing and examining environmental audits, baseline environmental assessments, and hazardous waste assessments
  • Representation in state and federal courts, including enforcement orders and superfund cases
  • Advising local redevelopment and planning agencies
  • Representation in negotiations and litigation before the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • Representation in pursuit of reimbursement or cost recovery from insurance companies, private parties or governmental programs
  • Assistance in processing application for Brownfield Tax Credits and syndication of same, and securing designation benefits under Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act