Municipal & Government Law

The firm has a significant practice on behalf of municipal, other governmental and quasi-governmental bodies. The firm has previously served as City Attorney for the City of Grand Ledge, providing the full range of legal services called upon by the city, including:

  • Civil and criminal litigation
  • Municipal contracts
  • Employment matters
  • Downtown, commercial and industrial development
  • Municipal Finance
  • Ordinance drafting
  • Regulation of regulated enterprises

The firm represents a number of governmental and quasi-governmental bodies throughout the State of Michigan. Firm attorneys have been called upon by various individual municipalities, groups of municipalities, state, federal, and Canadian provincial governmental agencies to advise them as to such diverse areas as alternative approaches for design, construction and finance of an international bridge, regulation of cable television, and financing of distance-learning projects for rural school districts.  Firm attorneys have served as special assistant attorneys generals on behalf of a variety of State of Michigan governmental agencies, as hearing examiners in contested cases, and in a variety of advisory positions for state and local government.