Sports & Entertainment Law

The firm has an established, diversified practice providing extensive representation to many professional athletes. The firm’s Sports and Entertainment Law group is extremely well versed in all aspects of advising and assisting clients in the professional sports and entertainment industries, including:

  • Financial Advisors and Investment Issues
  • Negotiation of Professional Services Contracts
  • Endorsements/Marketing Contracts

Team-Player Relationships

More importantly, the attorneys in the Sports and Entertainment Law group value the strong personal relationship they form with their clients. Our attorneys understand that modern, professional athletes face an almost daily barrage of information, opportunities, and decisions.  The firm prides itself on being able to provide representation and counsel to our professional athlete clients in a wide variety of subjects such as Estate Planning, Business Management, Taxation, Real Estate, and Business and Corporate Law, as well as other areas, as needed. Today’s professional athlete must think of himself or herself as a business enterprise; nothing less provides substantial future benefit.  The firm’s attorneys fully understand and appreciate these realities, and are well prepared to provide the best possible legal counsel and representation.