Intellectual Property

Practicing Attorneys:

Michael G. Oliva
Jeffrey S. Theuer

In today’s global marketplace, your Intellectual Property is one of the most important and valuable assets to your business, whether your company is a start-up enterprise or a multi-national company.  Intellectual Property protection allows you and your business to grow and thrive, all while preventing your competitors from infringing upon your ingenuity.

Obtaining a Patent, Copyright, or Trademark registration is not about hanging a plaque on your wall.  It provides you with a solution to a problem.  It distinguishes your unique and innovative identity from among your competitors.  It provides you with an asset that directly reflects the true value of your goodwill.  It serves as a first level of protection necessary to defend your position in the market.  An experienced and knowledgeable Intellectual Property lawyer is critical to help you navigate these important decisions and develop an Intellectual Property acquisition strategy that is right for your business.

It is helpful to think about Intellectual Property in two ways – acquisition and enforcement. Acquisition can including preparing, drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent, trademark and copyright applications.  It can also mean due diligence on acquiring a company or buying one or more patents or trademarks.  It can include having the right employment agreements or establishing a work-made-for-hire clause when contracting someone to write software, develop a website, or generate content for your business.  Enforcement, although typically thought of as length and expensive litigation, can mean other creative and cost-effective solutions; such as securing profitable license agreements.  Determining what type of protection you need is the first step, and you must understanding what types of Intellectual Property are available to you.

Loomis Law Firm offers you and your business knowledge, experience, and skill in all areas of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and license agreements.  All at an affordable and competitive price.  Loomis Law Firm’s experienced Intellectual Property attorneys have the requisite technical, legal and business background to protect and defend your Intellectual Property.

Besides general Intellectual Property counseling and strategy, Loomis Intellectual Property practice areas include:

  • Patent – preparing, draft, filing, and prosecuting patent applications, including a cradle-to-grave patent process cost model; patentability, freedom to operate, and landscape searches, license drafting and negotiation; infringement analysis; and enforce and protection.
  • Trademarks – registration of trademarks and service marks; trademark searches and opinions; license drafting and negotiation; enforcement; and defense and preservation of trademarks.
  • Copyrights – registration of copyrights; investigations and opinions; and license drafting and negotiation; review of development agreements.
  • Trade Secrets – license drafting and negotiation; enforcement; and defense and preservation of trade secrets.
  • Licensing – drafting and negotiation of licensing agreements for patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
  • Development – development agreements, software as a service agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and IP litigation.